If you’ve ever tried to create a graphic or promotion for your church, then you’ve probably felt the tension of TIME and DESIGN EXPERIENCE.

Worse, when you’ve finally found some time to create the design, your marketing strategy doesn’t deliver the results you wanted. Attendance is low, frustration is high, and you wonder what you can do to get your ministry noticed.

Sound familiar?

That’s because you are not alone. It is the recurring story I hear in my work with churches and denominations. The historic ways of promoting ministry aren’t working, and churches are struggling with a decision.

There are 3 options for your communications:

1) Do nothing.

Continue marketing the way you always have and watch responses continue to fall.

2) Try to wait it out.

Hoping your church can somehow withstand the largest communication shift in the last 500 years.

3) Be strategic.

Adapt your graphics and marketing to reach a generation of people hungry for the Gospel.

If you want to continue to reach your community and see lives changed, the only option for survival is to…

Be strategic with your marketing

Statistically, you don’t begin to process and make a decision about information until you’ve interacted with it 8+ times. Your church can address this by increasing the number of times a person sees or hears about a ministry opportunity.

Before you raise objections like, “Won’t my church get tired of this,” or “I don’t have time to create more,” hear me out.

Your church members only see a fraction of the marketing materials you create. It’s not that they are trying to ignore you, they live busy lives. If they interact with 50% of what you create, they are on the high side. So don’t be afraid to deliver more.

And yes, presenting information more times can mean more work, but there are easy ways to minimize it. The best one is to repurpose the content you are already creating to maximize its use and save you resources.

Some immediate ways you can be strategic are:

  • Edit bulletin content to promote your next church event on social media
  • Recap ministry wins and upcoming opportunities in a weekly email
  • Revise your sermon series artwork in various sizes for use in email, social media, video and print
  • Provide invite cards to your church with details about the next sermon series and ask them to share with friends

Marketing your church doesn’t have to be scary, or expensive. But it does have to be intentional.

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