Your Plug and Play
Church Event Promotion Kit

Get a FREE, ready-to-use plan for promoting your church events.

Your Kit Includes:

  • Event Promotions Mini-Course – A video introduction to get started with your event promotion. (MP4 + Slide Deck)
  • Event Promotions Cheat Sheet – A printable promotions plan outlining the weeks leading up to your event. (PDF)
  • Event Promotions Scheduler – Save hours with an editable form that creates a promotion schedule for you in under 1 minute. (editable Excel doc)
  • Graphic Design Content Worksheet – A printable worksheet that outlines the information your designer needs to create your event graphics. (PDF)
  • Graphic Design Deliverables Planner – A printable checklist for your designer so they know exactly what items you need created. (PDF)
  • Graphic Design Templates – Graphics templates you can customize to create web, email, social media and print items for your event. (editable Photoshop file)