For years, it didn’t take much effort to get people to come to church. Between the build it and they will come mentality, cultural expectations, and little competition on Sunday morning, people attended. But this ‘come and get it’ approach to church marketing doesn’t work any more. Recently, I mentioned your church has three options to address this

  • Do nothing. Continue marketing the way you always have and watch responses continue to fall.
  • Try to wait it out. Hoping your church can somehow withstand the largest communication shift in the last 500 years.
  • Be strategic. Adapt your graphics and marketing to reach a generation of people hungry for the Gospel.

Unfortunately, most churches have chosen to do nothing. Sticking with the same strategies to attract people. While ignoring and complaining about shrinking returns on their marketing efforts. This doesn’t have to be the story of your church. Imagine kicking off your next series with a church full of expectant people, ready to hear how the Bible speaks to their needs. Or, needing to add chairs at your next event because so many people responded. There is one thing that can make this happen. Know what it is? It’s strategic communications. It’s possible for you to reach more people and see your church grow by adjusting the way you market your church. By being strategic about HOW you share, your message will go further and see more response. I want to see your church succeed in this area and grow like never before. Because of that, I want to share with you…

5 Church Marketing Traits You Need to Adopt…

1) Promotions are Intentional

Taking into account; the audience, how they communicate, ways they respond and what they gain by participating.

2) Steps are Repeatable

A system of written steps helps you make sure nothing gets missed or forgotten. These routines help save time and resources.

3) Strategy is Manageable

The strategy is easy to administer and staff or volunteers can follow it without overload.

4) Content is Relatable

Communications connect with people by focusing more attention on the value and life change available, than the details about the event.

5) Interaction is Expected

Communications are a 2-way street, including calls to action that encourage discussion, and create engagement.

Implementing these 5 traits will change how your church and community connect. Giving you an opportunity to speak to the needs present and solutions your church offers.

But it won’t just happen. You need a plan to implement it. Someone to help you approach each design project and marketing need with a strategy first mindset.

That’s the goal behind Graphics.Church. To deliver more than the graphics your church wants, but also the marketing help your church needs.

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