Every church has a marketing strategy.

Whether it’s formally planned, loosely followed, or even ignored, you have a plan.

The question is… Is your strategy working to attract more people to your church?

As you review your current approach, there are 3 mistakes to be aware of. Avoid them and you’ll see your message and marketing improve.

3 communication mistakes that plague churches

1) Talking about too much

Your congregation and guests have limited attention. While you have spent all week thinking about your ministry plans, they haven’t. For many, Sunday is the first time they’ve heard about a ministry opportunity.

So, be intentional about what you share. Pick the top 3-4 things, that relate to a majority of those in attendance, and share about them in depth. Go beyond mere details and give them a clear action step to take (email, text, web visit, etc).

2) Using confusing language

Church guests need different information than regular attenders. Without context and understanding about your church, a simple announcement about Bible Study on Wednesday raises more questions than it answers.

So, answer the questions guests are asking; who is it for, when is it, what is the full name of the location, where is this on campus, can my kids come. By providing greater details you help your guests better understand the opportunity and how to participate.

3) Sharing details without heart

Each week, guests come in your church doors and hear about exciting ways to get involved. Unable to clearly see what’s in it for them, they ignore the opportunity and don’t connect.

So, highlight the benefit of attending and participating. Go beyond mere details and present examples of life change in your ministry, looking for stories from previous attendees, congregation members, and your community to share. Give them a vision of what life could be like and they will engage at a deeper heart level.

As you think about 2018, I’m curious, what is the top marketing issue you need to address this year?

Without being overly dramatic, what if you don’t address it? Then what…

Slow responses. Shrinking event attendance. Missed ministry opportunities.

I’d like to help make sure that doesn’t happen.

You don’t have the time, experience and design background to create a marketing strategy and graphics for your church on a long term basis. Sure you can fill it, creating last minute “miracles” in Canva, but that’s not what your church needs.

You need a repeatable strategy to follow for every sermon series, and every event promotion. The kind of strategy that only comes when you focus on leading and let someone with 20 years experience help with the marketing.

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